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Winchendon Springs, MA (3.9 mi.) Jaffrey, NH (4.4 mi.) Winchendon, MA (4.8 mi.) Fitzwilliam, NH (7.0 mi.) New Ipswich, NH (7.9 mi.) Peterborough, NH (8.8 mi.) Temple, NH (9.3 mi.) West Peterborough, NH (9.5 mi.) Ashburnham, MA (9.5 mi.) Troy, NH (10.0 mi.) Greenville, NH (10.1 mi.) Baldwinville, MA (10.4 mi.) Royalston, MA (10.4 mi.) Ashby, MA (10.9 mi.) Dublin, NH (11.1 mi.) Gardner, MA (12.2 mi.) East Templeton, MA (13.1 mi.) Templeton, MA (13.8 mi.) Harrisville, NH (14.1 mi.) West Townsend, MA (14.6 mi.) Westminster, MA (15.1 mi.) Wilton, NH (15.3 mi.) Athol, MA (15.4 mi.) Hancock, NH (15.4 mi.) Fitchburg, MA (15.7 mi.) Swanzey, NH (16.0 mi.) Lyndeborough, NH (16.4 mi.) Townsend, MA (16.5 mi.) Warwick, MA (17.4 mi.) Nelson, NH (17.6 mi.) West Swanzey, NH (17.8 mi.) Brookline, NH (17.9 mi.) Bennington, NH (17.9 mi.) Lunenburg, MA (18.1 mi.) Keene, NH (18.5 mi.) Orange, MA (18.9 mi.) Winchester, NH (19.0 mi.) Francestown, NH (19.1 mi.) Hubbardston, MA (19.2 mi.) Antrim, NH (19.7 mi.) Mont Vernon, NH (19.7 mi.) Leominster, MA (20.1 mi.) Petersham, MA (20.3 mi.) Wendell Depot, MA (20.8 mi.) Sullivan, NH (21.0 mi.) East Princeton, MA (21.1 mi.) Ashuelot, NH (21.1 mi.) Hollis, NH (21.2 mi.) West Groton, MA (21.9 mi.) Princeton, MA (22.0 mi.) Pepperell, MA (22.2 mi.) Erving, MA (22.3 mi.) New Boston, NH (22.3 mi.) Northfield, MA (22.8 mi.) Barre, MA (23.2 mi.) Stoddard, NH (23.2 mi.) Shirley, MA (23.3 mi.) Spofford, NH (23.4 mi.) New Salem, MA (23.7 mi.) Groton, MA (24.1 mi.) Gilsum, NH (24.2 mi.) Wendell, MA (24.2 mi.) Hinsdale, NH (24.3 mi.) Sterling, MA (25.1 mi.) Ayer, MA (25.1 mi.) Chesterfield, NH (25.2 mi.) South Barre, MA (25.6 mi.) Vernon, VT (25.6 mi.) Hillsborough, NH (25.8 mi.) Gill, MA (26.0 mi.) Westmoreland, NH (26.3 mi.) Devens, MA (26.5 mi.) Lancaster, MA (26.6 mi.) Rutland, MA (26.6 mi.) South Lancaster, MA (26.8 mi.) Still River, MA (26.8 mi.) Marlow, NH (26.9 mi.) Millers Falls, MA (27.2 mi.) Merrimack, NH (27.3 mi.) Dunstable, MA (27.3 mi.) Nashua, NH (27.5 mi.) Jefferson, MA (27.5 mi.) Oakham, MA (27.6 mi.) Litchfield, NH (27.6 mi.) Weare, NH (27.6 mi.) West Chesterfield, NH (27.7 mi.) Harvard, MA (27.8 mi.) Goffstown, NH (27.8 mi.) Bernardston, MA (28.0 mi.) Wheelwright, MA (28.4 mi.) Bedford, NH (28.4 mi.) Clinton, MA (28.5 mi.) Brattleboro, VT (28.6 mi.) Holden, MA (28.6 mi.) Shutesbury, MA (28.8 mi.) West Boylston, MA (28.9 mi.) Lake Pleasant, MA (29.1 mi.) Boylston, MA (29.3 mi.) Littleton, MA (29.3 mi.) Hardwick, MA (29.3 mi.)